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Woman opts for ‘Chicken Dinner’ with PUBG mate over hubby and kid

Woman opts for ‘Chicken Dinner’ with PUBG mate over hubby and kid

Woman opts for ‘Chicken Dinner’ with PUBG mate over hubby and kid

Web based game PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battleground) has overwhelmed the world and has brought forth heap circumstances and new highs in dependence.

Presently take the ongoing instance of this Ahmedabad lady, all of 19 and wedded with a year-old infant, who needs separate from her significant other, not in light of any local fight or disagreement, but since of her massive extravagance in PUBG.

The case became visible when she called the 181 Abhayam ladies helpline looking for assistance to get separate.


Be that as it may, she didn’t make reference to this in any case. She needed to be stopped at a ladies’ perception home, far from her family and her folks, so she could play at recreation with her gaming accomplice.

“The young lady called 181 and disclosed to us that she needs to be at a ladies’ perception home as it isn’t working out with her better half nor she needed to go to her folks’ home as they had removed her mobile phone,” says Falguni Patel, Coordinator at Abhayam.

“When we disclosed to her that she won’t be permitted to utilize her telephone or to go out. From perception home since it should be for the security of ladies, she dropped the thought.

Her significant other disliked her fixation on the game and wouldn’t let her play, which caused pressure among them and she chose to leave her better half and went to her folks. Indeed, even they didn’t care for her enslavement and removed her cell phone.


Patel said the mentors disclosed to her not to take such vital choices in a surge. Only for a game as her marriage of two years, just as the life of her tyke, was in question.

“Our advisors guaranteed her to enable her to touch base at an appropriate developed choice. Causing her to understand the future vulnerabilities and outcomes since they experience such cases regularly,” she included.

“Amid four hours of mentoring, we prompted her to give her significant other and marriage another opportunity. She consented to it and we gave her a novel ID number for 181 helpline so we could recognize. The case rapidly and work as needs be, yet she has not made any such endeavor,” Falguni Patel said.

“Our instructors likewise educated her folks and prescribed that she require+ mental help to get over her compulsion,” she include. Patel said this was the second instance of a young lady dependent on PUBG.

PUBG is an online multi-player fight royale game (accessible free on versatile stages) create. And distributed by PUBG Corporation, a backup of South Korean computer game organization Bluehole. Of the unfriendly wellbeing sway on the players who played it for extensive stretches.





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