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Xiaomi electric toothbrush with built-in water tank launched

Xiaomi electric toothbrush with built-in water tank launched

Xiaomi electric toothbrush with built-in water tank launched

Xiaomi is adding one more creative item to its quickly developing keen environment. This new item being referred to is a rotating brush made by Mijia. The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Toothbrush costs CNY 169 (roughly Rs 1,700), and will go ready for crowdfunding beginning tomorrow.


Xiaomi oscillating brush subtleties

The new Xiaomi oscillating brush highlights four expert evaluation spouts. These are professed to be US FDA affirmed, and backing up to four kinds of punching modes. Discussing which, the toothbrush prepares another astute magnet engine. This aides in producing water weight of 140PSI. This high-pressure water section, at 1,400 every moment, can get to the very corners of the mouth for an intensive cleaning.

According to the organization’s cases, the water section can clean the visually impaired space of the cavity securing the gums. It can likewise infiltrate profound into the gingival sulcus, and flush away nourishment buildups. It can likewise knead the gums to lessen gum dying. Normal utilization of this brush will help anticipate oral infections. The toothbrush packs an inherent 2,200mAh battery, which can last as long as 45 days. For charging, there’s a USB Type-C port.


A week ago, the two organizations worked together to dispatch the Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock. The exquisite looking morning timer brags Bluetooth backing to let you associate your cell phone. Subsequent to matching, the clock can consequently synchronizes the time. The clock offers eight distinctive ringtones, and one can likewise alter the volume of the caution speaker.

Furthermore, the clock additionally includes temperature and mugginess discovery. For temperature, the organization utilizes a Swiss Sensirion sensor with an estimating exactness of ± 0.2 degrees Celsius. The moistness estimation exactness is ± two percent RH. It is a great brush and it will be really good for your life. So go ahead and have a look at it.

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