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Xmate Volt Bluetooth Speaker Review

Xmate Volt Bluetooth Speaker Review

Xmate Volt Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers are a helpful method for sharing your music when you are with your mates. They are very regular now, and like numerous other mainstream sorts of adornments. There are a ton of choices to look over. Frill producer Xmate has another Bluetooth speaker in the market called the Volt. The Volt has two drivers just as LEDs that light up as indicated by the music. So would it be a good idea. For you to put your cash on the Volt, or are there better options in this value portion? We put it under serious scrutiny to discover.


Xmate Volt structure and determinations

The Xmate Volt is made out of plastic and is genuinely light for a speaker of this size. It has two drivers which are noticeable from the front, and a latent radiator that sits behind the title page. Xmate has structured a plastic trim over the drivers to secure them. These plastic moldings have blue LEDs which throb dependent on the sound being played through the Volt.

The Xmate Volt has five fastens on the top for power, quick forward, rewind, mode choice, and play/stop. They are altogether masterminded in a line and have a similar shape. So you won’t have the option to play out an activity effectively without taking a gander at the speaker. These catches have great criticism however, so you won’t be re-thinking an information.

Xmate Volt Ports Xmate Volt Bluetooth Speaker ReviewXmate Volt gives you a chance to play music from various sound sources

At the back, there’s a Micro-USB port for charging the speaker, a status LED, a full-size USB host port. An amplifier, a 3.5mm aux input, and a microSD card space. At the base, it has two elastic legs which guarantee that the speaker doesn’t move about when playing sound. We found the construct nature of the Xmate Volt to be adequate at the cost, and you get a Micro-USB just as an aux link in the crate.

The Xmate Volt has two 5W drivers with a recurrence scope of 20Hz-20,000Hz. It packs in a 2,000mAh battery and guarantees 10 hours of playback time. It likewise has support for Bluetooth 5.


Xmate Volt execution

Power the Xmate up and it will play sound signs to disclose to you that the gadget is prepared and matching with a cell phone. We combined the Xmate Volt with our Google Pixel 3 (Review) unit to perceive how it performs, and the procedure was simple. The LED lights throb dependent on the music you are tuning in to yet we saw it as cheap. You do have the alternative to turn these lights off.

The sound nature of the Xmate Volt isn’t extraordinary yet it is satisfactory at the cost. It gets uproarious and we once in a while played it at full volume. At the point when we did, we could hear mutilation at high volumes. When gushing music utilizing JioSaavn, we saw the upper-mids as sharp at even the 50-60 percent volume level. Knocking the volume up to the 80 percent imprint made the highs sound significantly shriller, constraining us to turn it down. We tuned in to AC/DC’s Highway to Hell on the Xmate speaker and saw that we couldn’t recognize the various instruments utilized in the tune.

We played Lock Doh, a melody with a decent measure of bass, however the Xmate Volt neglected to convey the pound. There is no bass at higher volumes as the highs overwhelm it totally. Be that as it may, at lower volumes this speaker improves adjusted sound. The mids are normal however adequate for the Rs. 1,699 value that this speaker directions.

Xmate Volt  Charging

The M button on the speaker makes it simple to switch between various sound sources. When tuning in to sound put away on a MicroSD card we saw that the quality was better contrasted with similar documents spilled utilizing Bluetooth. Music didn’t twist as much at higher volumes, and the bass was marginally better. We at that point connected the Xmate Volt legitimately to a MacBook Air utilizing the aux link gave, and we saw the sound quality as simply equivalent to in the past mode.

We figured out how to press out 10 hours and 40 minutes of playback time when spilling sound by means of Bluetooth at 60 percent volume with the LED lights on. At the point when the 2000mAh battery ran out, we figured out how to top it up in four hours utilizing a 10W charger. We saw the charging time as long, and a portion of the other Bluetooth speakers we have tried charge much faster.

Since the Xmate Volt has an amplifier, we utilized it to make two or three calls. Xmate has situated the amplifier at the back, which isn’t perfect. Our guests grumbled that they couldn’t hear us unmistakably and we needed to sometimes turn the speaker around. On the off chance that you are anticipating utilizing the Xmate Volt as a speaker for calls, this will be an issue.


The Xmate Volt isn’t over the top expensive at Rs. 1,699 however it isn’t excellent either. You can discover littler Bluetooth speakers in the market at this value aren’t as noisy yet stable better, for example, the JBL Go and the Logitech X50. On the off chance that you need the most intense yield and long playback time, the Xmate Volt accomplishes have those things making it work. If not, we suggest that you spend somewhat more and go for the F&D W19.





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