How to Call Someone With Private Number | Call Unknown Number Using Android Phone


Would you like to play a prank on your friends but cannot do so because they already have your mobile number and that makes it all go wrong? Or do you need to talk to someone but do not want to reveal your personal mobile number to them? Either of the case it might be – You are in luck today. In this video of Telugu Tech World you will know exactly how to do that. We use the private number calling method to achieve what we promised.

So, without any further delays let us jump into the video and check it out.

How to Call Someone With Private Number:

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So, that was how you can get yourself a private number a make anonymous calls to your friends or anyone else. That is it for this blog guys! I hope you guys liked what you saw. I you did do not forget to subscribe to TeluguTechWorld on YouTube and also do not forget to like us Facebook so that you do not miss out of amazing tech updates from our side.

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