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5 Secret Android Apps | You Must Have On Your Smartphone




Shorty allows you to pin any file from your phone or URL link to home application. Simply install Shorty and share some file or text from any application.

Depending on file type you can also customize appearance of the icon. There are three possible icon styles:
• text – write up to 10 characters,
• thumbnail – depends on type of file,
• preview – currently supported only for images.

You can also pick icon background color and write custom label which will be displayed in your home app.



Sesame is a powerful universal search on Android. It integrates with your launcher, learns from you, and makes hundreds of personal shortcuts. With Sesame universal search, everything is 1 or 2 taps away!

1. 100+ shortcuts added to your device
2.Fully customizable, gorgeous search UI
3. Learns from you
4. Search with dozens of apps using Google Autosuggestions
5. Fast Search that’s designed to work in 1 or 2 taps. It matches the first letters of words. Typing “S” “B” will bring “Spotify: The Beatles” to the top. Since it learns from you, next time just “S” will do
6. API integrations to Spotify, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Slack, Reddit, Telegram and more
7. Detects wallpaper colors and styles itself
8. Powerful tools to make your own shortcuts
9. Works with all launchers and has a special partnership with Nova Launcher

3.Naiagra Launcher :-

iagara Launcher is a fresh homescreen that has a clean and minimalistic ui. Due to its unique design you can open apps more quickly and use your phone with just one hand.

Cool features:

1.Niagara app drawer
All your apps in a neatly arranged list that is sorted alphabetically and by usage. You don’t even have to swipe to open it!

2.Enhanced Notification dots
You can read incoming messages right on your homescreen. See the full notification by swiping right. Furthermore, unwanted messages like advertising or persistent notifications are getting blocked.

3.Hide Apps
Preinstalled apps (often bloatware) are annoying. Simply hide them, so you have a nice and clean homescreen.

This is just the start. Icon pack support, adaptive icons, folders and shortcuts will be implemented soon.

4.Storyz Photo Motion :-

Create your video stories blending overlay video on still image.
You can make an Animated Video from out of a still image and merging a video.
It can turn your photo into animated GIF and Animated Double Exposure.
Merge still image with video overlay to create amazing cinemagraphs.
Merge photo with overlay video, video motion to create amazing visual effects like cinemagraph, double exposed gifs or magical moving portraits.

How to create Ripple Storyz:

1. Select a picture and crop it your desired size.
2. Motion point: Add motion points/arrows to give motion to a part of your picture. Arrowhead decides the direction of motion.
3. Motion series: Motion series is a sequence of equally sized motion points to give consecutive motion to a part of your picture. This feature adds motion to the entire length of the sequence.
4. Stabilization points: Add stabilization points to prevent a portion of your picture from moving by limiting the effect of dynamic point or series.
5. Stabilization series: Stabilization series is a sequence of equally spaced stabilization points.
6 Erase: Swipe your finger across dynamic or stabilization points/series to erase them.
7. Mask: Use mask in the area where you don’t want the image to move. This can be added using the manual brush/erase.
8. Tap Play to see your Picture StoryZ.

5.FireFox Rocket :-


Features :-

1.A Lightweight Web Browser
This incredibly mini size browser is less than 3MB, taking up almost no space on your phone.

2.Lightning Fast Browsing Speed
With Turbo Mode, Firefox Rocket promises you a lighting fast browsing experience!

3.Save Data – and Cash
Save on data costs with Turbo mode, which blocks tracking ads. Wanna save even more? Enable image blocking while you browse.

4.Goodbye, Stubborn Tracking Ads
Say goodbye to those tracking ads that keep chasing you around the web. Which means saving more screen space for the stuff you care about. Note that this is not 100% Adblocking.

5.Private Browsing
Browse without a trace. No history, no passwords, no cookies recorded when browsing in private browsing mode.

6.Tracking Protection
Blocks a wide range of common Web trackers by default. Prevent your browsing data from being collected or tracked by most websites/advertisers. Bring your privacy to next level.

7.Screenshot the Whole Page
You can save the whole screen to read offline with a single tap on the toolbar. And a website link is automatically saved too, so you can browse back there whenever you want.

8.Save Phone Space
Clear your cache straight from the menu to free up storage space fast. Or with a quick flip in settings, you can save your cache and downloads straight to an SD Card.

9.Multiple Tab Browsing
Some of you appreciated that Firefox Rocket only allowed a single screen, others wanted to multitask with multiple tabs. Now you can have it either way. Open all the tabs you want, or keep it simple.

10.Parallel Download
You can download multiple files at once in the background. Save time when you have many files to download.


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Android Apps

Buffered VPN For PUBG Mobile




buffer vpnStay safe online and browse without limitations – using Buffered VPN! Hide your IP and network transactions, avoid internet censorship, throttling and region-blocking, bypass school and company firewalls – we’ve got you covered!

• Keep your data secure – We use unbreakable AES encryption to protect you.
• Access your favorite content – Don’t you hate it when YouTube blocks content in your region? Or even worse, an entire website is not available? We have ultra-fast servers in 46 countries to unblock anything.
• Avoid bandwidth throttling – ISPs can slow down your connection to a crawl if you use too much bandwidth on a particular service (like streaming). Avoid all the fuss by hiding your online activity from your ISP.
• Bypass firewalls – Whether it’s government-enforced, or set by your school or company, if there’s a hole we’ll find it and break out.
• No more price discrimination – Did you know that online merchants (especially flight services) can show you higher prices depending on where you live? Beat them at their own game and buy from the cheapest area with our 46 locations!


• Test your firewall – Schools, companies, and governments can use firewalls to block ports that allow access to different network services. Use the built-in firewall test to see which ports are free to use. Boom, you can use the internet properly once you connect.
 Test your bandwidth – Check your average and maximum download speeds (while connected to the VPN) with our simple, built-in bandwidth test.
 Rate your connection – Whenever you connect to a server, you have the option of ing your connection reliability. Like the speed? Give it 5  Don’t think it runs that well? Give it a lower rating and we’ll work to improve our service!
• DoS protection – Denial of service (DoS) attacks are a serious threat to computers, and now they’re affecting mobile devices, too. Our servers have top-of-the-line DoS protection, which means your device most likely won’t have to deal with such attacks.

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Android Apps

MIUI 11 Launcher by Xiaomi – Download Apk




After the Exciting News of upcoming MIUI 11 Beta Testing every Xiaomi and Redmi devices, users are waiting to experience the New MIUI 11 before its Launch, since Xiaomi teased about the Beta testing of MIUI 11. Since a long time, MIUI has traditionally lacked an app drawer, forcing users to rely on third-party launchers. That’s about to change soon with Xiaomi actually testing an app drawer in stock MIUI launcher alongside app shortcuts.

With the Latest Leaked MIUI alpha build Launcher version, is finally getting an app drawer. Users should be able to tap on the middle button in the app bar at the bottom of the home screen to open the app drawer. For now, a swipe from the bottom does not appear to open the app drawer.

When the app drawer is expanded, the recently used apps are placed on the top while other apps are listed, as usual, in alphabetical order. There’s a downward-facing arrow on the top which users can tap on the button to collapse the app drawer. You can’t swipe down on the app drawer to close it for now but you can use the back button. It is Probably because it is still in Alpha Stage of testing, it will be fixed and

The MIUI launcher alpha also gets 3D Touch. These are sets of quick actions which show up when the app icon is long-pressed.  Released with iOS, 3D allows users to launch any specific part of the app directly to perform certain key tasks.

The MIUI launcher is in the alpha stage of development which means we can expect it to get refined over time. For now, the launcher may not be very stable or might crash during usage, so we’d not recommend you to use it as your default launcher. If you still want to give it a try, you can download it using the link below. Do note that unlike the POCO Launcher, this launcher is limited only to smartphones .



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Android Apps

secret gallery for android mobile




The secret gallery allows you to hide your own photos and videos behind the search browser window that you do not want others to see.For others, it looks like a browser search site.However, if you enter the password you set,you can check your own gallery.Your private space,Keep your photos and videos safe and easy.

Main function:-
1. Search browser theme support
– Please select your favorite search browser.
– Change your other search theme at any time.

2. Enter your password
– Enter your password in the browser search field.
– If no password, general search results will be exposed.

3. Hide photos and folders
– You can hide it once more with Folder Management> Hide.
– Search hidden folders in search.

4. Source delete function support
– You can choose to automatically delete photos and videos from the gallery.
– Please be careful that the deleted original will not be recovered.

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