PUBG Mobile Season 7: All You Need to Know About RP EZ Mission License Feature

PUBG Mobile Season 7: All You Need to Know About RP EZ Mission License Feature

The new season for PUBG Mobile has started and we are as of now stacked up with the new Royal Pass. New increments, until further notice, incorporate the typical firearm skins, ensembles and adornments, etc. There is additionally the option of another parachute and plane trails which looks cool, however actually don’t have a commonsense use.

Another new element is the EZ Mission License. Which enables players to open and play difficulties seven days ahead of time. This is an incredible method to complete the Royal Pass challenge missions. Ahead of time and furthermore procure free mission cards every week. It additionally gives you a chance to skirt 10 mission necessities for Week 8 to gain the world class chest.


Presently you can possibly get the EZ Mission License in the event. That you have obtained the Royal Pass for the flow season. The more successive Royal Pass buys you make, the less expensive the EZ Mission License progresses toward becoming. This means, beginning season 7, on the off chance that you purchase 3 back. To back Royal Passes, you get the EZ Mission License for nothing. To get the permit for season 7, you have to burn through 300UC (Unknown Cash), however for season 8 it will cost you 150UC and free of expense for season 9.

Does it bode well to purchase the EZ Mission License? All things considered, on the off chance that you are a no-nonsense PUBG Mobile fan and love gathering the different prizes from the Royal Pass missions and difficulties, at that point this is to some degree valuable as you can rapidly begin completing off your missions. On the off chance that you couldn’t care less about the Royal Pass, at that point this component is most likely of no utilization.





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