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Claim your Paytm lifafa. Try your luck you can get real money



Welcome to Daily Giveaway & Lucky Lifafa

This Diwali, we have introduced Lucky Lifafa : a fun way of sending money to a group in variable amounts. Let’s say you share Rs. 4500 in total and share it with friends and family, the fun element is in the fact that the money will be shared in random amounts with the recipients, encouraging them to engage in a game of ‘fastest fingers first’.

Traditionally, festive occasions see us gifting envelopes with cash. To make this experience more convenient, we earlier introduced ‘Lifafa’ to enable you to send money in virtual envelopes with personalized messages. ‘Lucky Lifafa’ will allow you to share money with a group of friends/family members using social platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

In case you’ve missed it, we’e launched our first festive sale

— the Mera Cashback Sale today. We’ll give out 501 Cr in assured cashback as we work jointly with brand-authorized stores, large retail chains and small shopkeepers to host a wide range of products till 23rd September.

To sweeten the experience even further, we have launched Lucky Lifafa, wherein you’ll be able to receive a surprise gift after every order. After you successfully place the order, you’ll see a screen that reads ‘Congratulations, you have won a Lucky Lifafa’. Simply tap on the lifafa and it’ll reveal the bonus offer you’ve received. This offer is crafted only for you, and its our way to make you feel special!




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