PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update to Get Helicopters and Rocket Launchers With ‘Payload Mode’

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update to Get Helicopters and Rocket Launchers With 'Payload Mode'

We have announced in the past that PUBG Mobile should get another update where players will most likely fly helicopters and even get utilize substantial big guns like rocket and projectile launchers. All things considered, we presently have an official affirmation from PUBG Mobile itself because of an Instagram post.

PUBG New Update


PUBG Mobile has declared that another Payload Mode is accompanying update 0.15.0. It will be a piece of the Arcade Mode and a see picture of the mode affirms the way. That it will incorporate overwhelming weaponry just as the capacity to fly helicopters.

We were anticipating that the new mode should touch base on update 0.14.5. Yet it appears we would need to hold up somewhat more. PUBG Mobile hasn’t affirmed a discharge date, however it is unquestionably going to be an energizing expansion to the game. We’ve seen this mode in early beta updates which will enable you to fly helicopters. And will incorporate weapons like the M3E1-A rocket launcher, the MGL and M79 projectile launchers and RPG-7.

Season 9 is likewise around the bend as the official discharge date was reported two or three days back. The new season will take off on September 13 which was affirmed on the authority PUBG Mobile Twitter account. Early spills for season 9 have just dropped and from what we can comprehend, the new season will discharge with another update, explicitly 0.14.5. On account of different releases on the web, we realize that the following season will have another topic called ‘Warriors Unite’ with the typical arrangement of new attire, skins, acts out, and different prizes.








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