How to Get WhatsApp on Your iPad without Jailbreaking

How to Get WhatsApp on Your iPad without Jailbreaking

A lot to the frighten of WhatsApp clients around the globe, the organization presently can’t seem to discharge an iPad application. For quite a long time the WhatsApp application has been close to the highest point of the App Store outlines as one of the most mainstream visit applications around the globe. For some explanation, WhatsApp and its parent organization, Facebook, would incline toward clients adhere to the iPhone. In any case, don’t surrender, as there is an approach to utilize WhatsApp on the iPad with no hacking, jailbreaking or adjusting of your iPad. The best part? It just takes a couple of moments to begin.


WhatsApp Web

  1. The initial step is to open your Safari program. Basic up until this point, isn’t that so? Try not to stress, it doesn’t get any harder.
  2. Presently, type in your Safari search bar and hit “Go.” You will notice immediately that you don’t arrive on the devoted web-based interface. Rather, you arrive on the organization’s landing page. That is alright in light of the fact that we will reload the page in “Work area” mode.
  3. At the left finish of the hunt bar in Safari you’ll see an “aA” symbol – press and hang on these letters. A long press will raise a progression of alternatives, one of which is “demand work area site.” Tap on that choice.
  4. As the page reloads, any individual who has recently utilized the web-based interface will see a natural webpage. Three short choices show up on the page giving you bearings on the best way to utilize WhatsApp on your PC.
  5. In the first place, you have to open WhatsApp on your iPhone, tap the settings in the base menu. And select WhatsApp Web/Desktop in the menu that shows up. Android last clients can tape the three-speck menu symbol and hit WhatsApp Web.
  6. Utilizing either gadget, filter the QR code with the back camera of your cell phone. Following the QR code examines, you’ll promptly observe the majority of your WhatsApp history on the screen.
  7. That is it. You are currently ready to visit away utilizing the full usefulness of the work area WhatsApp stage directly on your iPad.



Presently, before you proceed onward to making an alternate route, there are a couple of confinements of the iPad application. The first is that voice notes don’t work, as Safari on the iPad isn’t formally upheld. You will have the option to tune in to voice notes, however it’s anything but a two-way framework yet. The subsequent confinement is the absence of warnings. The WhatsApp stage doesn’t bolster notices of approaching messages on iOS internet browsers. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you need to be advised of an approaching message, you’ll need to leave the program open. In any case, that is a little cost to pay until the organization gets insightful and discharges a devoted iPad application.


WhatsApp ShortCut

Presently that we’re good to go up with an internet browser, the time has come to cause an alternate route so you to can rapidly return to the web application. Like the application itself, making an alternate route takes only a couple of moments.

  1. First of all. Hit the “Offer” symbol in Safari to raise the menu. That catch resembles a square with a bolt pointing north.

Whatsapp Ipad Without Jailbreak Sharesheet

  1. When that surfaces, click the choice you’ll see for “Add to Home Screen.”

Whatsapp Ipad Without Jailbreak Add To Homescreen

  1. Here you can rename the application to an option that is other than WhatsApp, yet to keep things simple, simply hit “Include” at the upper right of the offer menu.
  2. The alternate way symbol will show up directly on your home screen in the most readily accessible space. Squeezing it once will open it like some other application and take you right back to the work area application through Safari. It may take a second or two to reload each time contingent upon your association speed, yet it will consequently adjust any messages you’ve as of late sent on your cell phone or PC.



As simple it was to set up, there’s a lot of expectation out there and a great many clients who need to see Facebook discharge a WhatsApp application for the iPad. It would be a prompt download for committed clients everywhere throughout the world. Would the iPad application be a moment download for you? Sound off in the event that you’ve abandoned WhatsApp until they discharge an iPad update in the App Store.






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