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The design of the Bodhdhar was designed to predict the future, taking into account the national dimension. The decision has been made to keep the 11 digit number, where the first two digits are assigned to the state code.

Census Code of 28 State of Andhra Pradesh Census. The Bhoodhar number starts with the state code 28 followed by the 9 digit digits.

Provisional Bodhdhar starting with number 99 is assigned with basic details of the land area and the information of the Pattadar / Owner.

Permanent Bodhdhar will be assigned starting with number 28 with the basic details of the land area, geographical coordinates and information of the Pattadar / owner.

Temporary Bodhar Number Sample: 99.xxx.xxx.xxx
Permanent Bodhar Number Sample: 28.xxx.xxx.xxx
Provisional Bhoodhar Number for Government Assets Sample: 99.00x.xxx.xxx
Permanent Bhoodhar Number Model for Government Assets: 28.00x.xxx.xxx
With every transaction on land / property, the number of bodhars will be changed and the bhadar number provided for that land / property will be obsolete.


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