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Buffered VPN For PUBG Mobile

buffer vpn - Buffered VPN For PUBG Mobile - Telugu Tech World

buffer vpnStay safe online and browse without limitations – using Buffered VPN! Hide your IP and network transactions, avoid internet censorship, throttling and region-blocking, bypass school and company firewalls – we’ve got you covered!

• Keep your data secure – We use unbreakable AES encryption to protect you.
• Access your favorite content – Don’t you hate it when YouTube blocks content in your region? Or even worse, an entire website is not available? We have ultra-fast servers in 46 countries to unblock anything.
• Avoid bandwidth throttling – ISPs can slow down your connection to a crawl if you use too much bandwidth on a particular service (like streaming). Avoid all the fuss by hiding your online activity from your ISP.
• Bypass firewalls – Whether it’s government-enforced, or set by your school or company, if there’s a hole we’ll find it and break out.
• No more price discrimination – Did you know that online merchants (especially flight services) can show you higher prices depending on where you live? Beat them at their own game and buy from the cheapest area with our 46 locations!


• Test your firewall – Schools, companies, and governments can use firewalls to block ports that allow access to different network services. Use the built-in firewall test to see which ports are free to use. Boom, you can use the internet properly once you connect.
 Test your bandwidth – Check your average and maximum download speeds (while connected to the VPN) with our simple, built-in bandwidth test.
 Rate your connection – Whenever you connect to a server, you have the option of ing your connection reliability. Like the speed? Give it 5  Don’t think it runs that well? Give it a lower rating and we’ll work to improve our service!
• DoS protection – Denial of service (DoS) attacks are a serious threat to computers, and now they’re affecting mobile devices, too. Our servers have top-of-the-line DoS protection, which means your device most likely won’t have to deal with such attacks.

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