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Easy Way To Download Fb,instagram,share chat,whatsapp status etc …

Download instgram,facebook videos

Hello Guys, If you do not know how to download videos, this post is for you,Usually we use applications like Facebook, instagram, share chat.However, downloading videos from it can be a bit difficult.That is why there is a good application available for this in the Play Store.With the help of this application you can download videos very easily.Let us know in full about this application.


How to Download facebook,instagram videos :

To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1 :- Download iDownloader application available in plastore .

Download instagram videos

Step 2 :- Then open the application. In it you will see the logos of each application. like Facebook,instagram,twitter,sharechat .

Step 3 :- Do you want to download this video now? Select the video in that application.

Step 4 :- Then you will see three dots in it. You click there and copy the link.

Step 5 :- Then paste the link directly into this”  iDownloader “application

Step 6 :- Below you will find download and paste options in this application.

Step 7 :- You need to download it so click on the Simple Download button. In a few moments the videos will start downloading on your phone.

Step 8 :- This way you can download videos from each application at a single click.


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