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Russia Fines Google Again for Failing to Clear Away Prohibited Content

Russia Fines Google Again

A Moscow judge on August 19 again Russia Fines Google for falling short of clearing away banned web content as international technician titans deal with mounting pressure in Russia.

In the latest months, Russia has been taking legal action against foreign technician providers for not deleting content prohibited by the authorities, featuring pornographic products or posts regarded as a fanatic or excusing medicines or suicide.

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Russia Fines Google

Russia Fines Google - Russia Fines Google Again for Failing to Clear Away Prohibited Content - Telugu Tech World
Russia Fines Google

On Thursday, the Tagansky district judge put Google along with three penalties totalling six thousand rubles ($80,850) for the infraction, depending on the formal Telegram network of Moscow judges.

Previously today, the U.S. firm was fined five other penalties amounting to 14 thousand rubles over the exact charges.

Final month Google was fined 3 million rubles for breaching records storage laws.

Depending on the RIA Novosti news agency, Google has been fined 32.5 thousand rubles in Russia.

It was the first time the provider was punished under the disputable regulation that requires the personal records of Russian customers to be saved on hosting servers within Russia.

Moscow has recently increased stress on foreign technology business, mainly social media, after accusing all of them early this year of not taking outposts calling for minors to join protests on behalf of incarcerated Kremlin movie critic Alexei Navalny.

Facebook has been handed penalties for neglecting to eliminate unlawful content, while Twitter has had its company speeds in Russia choked.

In the last few years, the Russian federal government has also been securing command over the internet under the pretence of dealing with extremism and shielding smalls.

However, authorities doubters have knocked official administration of the web as a way to repress discussion and muteness dissent.

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