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PUBG Survival Mastery Coming to PC On September 24

PUBG Survival Mastery Coming to PC On September 24

PUBG Survival Mastery Coming to PC On September 24

PUBG has reported another Survival Mastery include for the PC adaptation. It will take off to test servers tomorrow and live servers on September 24. The Survival Mastery highlight was first prodded in the long stretch of June with the PUBG Development update. The designers are acquainting this new include with enable players to follow their ongoing interaction and the upgrades they make while they are playing.


Survival Mastery

Survival Mastery is a movement include which will fill in as a partner framework to Weapon Mastery. While Weapon Mastery centers around a player’s capability in battle, Survival Mastery is about a player’s story. The new element will enable players to perceive their own aptitudes and capacities and reward their prosperity after each match.

The new Survival Mastery highlight accompanies a Survivor Level. Players can pick up XP by enduring bluezone stages, performing key activities, and remaining alive all through a match. Likewise, this element will help players in following their playing style utilizing the new attribute framework.



The Survival Mastery highlight presents the new PUBG ID. All the opened rewards in Survival Mastery will open up new customization alternatives for each player’s PUBG ID. At the dispatch, players will be permitted to see the IDs of every one of their colleagues and their foes. Future updates will last include all the more sharing usefulness and customization alternatives to the PUBG ID.


Increases to Last Match

The engineers of PUBG PC are including several new tabs in the last match screen to help players in keeping tabs on their development with each match. The first is the new rundown tab that gives abnormal state data about movement and execution. Players can likewise follow survival details of their colleagues utilizing the outline tab. Next one is the survival tab, which accompanies a survival timetable. Survival timetable will offer a point by point recap of all the survival activities including battle, plundering, and recuperating. These survival activities are assembled with commitment. Commitment are a particular timespan, where players experience continuous battle with one or numerous adversaries. This commitment framework will give a rundown of the harm done and got over every commitment period.







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