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WhatsApp Gets Call Waiting Feature on Android, but Without Call Holding: How To Use It!

WhatsApp Gets Call Waiting Feature on Android, but Without Call Holding: How To Use It!

WhatsApp Gets Call Waiting Feature on Android, but Without Call Holding: How To Use It!

WhatsApp has started the rollout of an update for its Android application that brings an exceptionally helpful element – call pausing. As the name unmistakably proposes, this highlights alarms clients when they get a WhatsApp call when they are in another WhatsApp call with another person. As opposed to consequently separating the second approaching WhatsApp call, clients will presently get a caution and can decide to either decrease it, or detach the continuous WhatsApp call to acknowledge the other one. In any case, it must be noticed this isn’t equivalent to putting an approach hold, since two clients can’t be on a similar line all the while. The component is currently accessible for both Android, subsequent to being made accessible for the iPhone application toward the end of last month.



The most recent WhatsApp update for both the beta just as steady Android channels brings the call holding up highlight. It is currently accessible by means of the Google Play Store. The changelog additionally makes reference to the appearance of upgraded bunch protection settings. And the unique mark open help for the application. We can affirm that the call holding up highlight. WhatsApp is currently accessible in form 2.19.352 of the steady Android application, just as rendition 2.19.357 and adaptation 2.19.358 of the beta application.

In the event that you haven’t got the update yet, you can download the steady form from APKMirror here. To review, in late November, WhatsApp v2.19.120 for iOS brought the call holding up include nearby an upgraded Chat screen, just as the capacity to rapidly send your messages legitimately from the Braille console when utilizing VoiceOver mode.


How WhatsApp call holding up functions?

Preceding the update, when Android clients got a WhatsApp bring in middle of another WhatsApp call. The approaching call was naturally detach and they would see a miss call warning when the current discussion finished. In any case, following the update, clients can decide to get the approaching call while conversing with someone else.

The approaching call UI in WhatsApp now shows a green ‘End and Accept’ button nearby the ‘Decrease’ button. On the off chance that you press the red ‘Decrease’ button. The approaching call will be drop and you can continue with your continuous call. 

Not at all like call hanging on a customary bring over a phone organize. WhatsApp won’t enable you to put the subsequent approaching approach hold. And connection with two individuals on hold at the same time. You either decide to proceed with the progressing WhatsApp call. Or detach it so as to acknowledge the subsequent approaching call.

Notwithstanding call pausing, the new WhatsApp update additionally denotes. The more extensive rollout of the refreshed gathering security highlight. That enables clients to choose who can add them to a WhatsApp call. You can look at this by following this way: Account > Privacy > Groups in the settings menu. The changelog of the new steady and beta WhatsApp refreshes likewise specifies the appearance of unique mark lock highlight for the application that was reported back in October. You can empower this element by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.

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