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Jagan Sarkar is looming over welfare. Implementing new welfare schemes to benefit the poor across the state. Freshly brought another program for the poor .. Approved at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. YSSAR will implement an insurance scheme to help a family dependent with a rice card in the event of any accident. Brought this welfare program especially for the poor.

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Previously, the Center was implementing the scheme in association with LIC. But withdrew it a few days ago. The state cabinet, however, decided to implement the scheme for the poor entirely with its own funds. The government will spend Rs 583.50 crore a year on the scheme, which will benefit 1.50 crore rice card holders in the state. An insurance compensation of Rs 2 lakh will be given to the affected family in case of natural death of an 18- to 50-year-old dependent on the family of a rice cardholder.Rs 5 lakh will be given for permanent disability and accidental death. The victim’s family will get Rs 3 lakh if ​​the 51-70 year old man has a permanent disability or dies in an accident.



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